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Bubble Shooter is an interesting single-player puzzle bobble 2 clone and puzzle video game. This game was created by Absolutist LTD and published by Absolutist LTD and Ilyon Dynamics in 2002 for multiple platforms. Being a clone of the Puzzle Bobble arcade game, Bubble Shooter rapidly became so popular after the release date because of its addictive gameplay. Moreover, until nowadays, this game is still an interesting puzzle game that is adored by thousands of players from around the world. The game was ported to iOS in 2010 and to Android in 2012. In 2015, Ilyon Dynamics LTD bought this game form Absolutist and became the new publisher of Bubble Shooter.


The main objective of this game is to clear all the playing field full of color bubbles. In order to do that, the player has to form groups of three or more like-colored marbles and shoot them to get scores. The game will end if the balls reach the bottom line of the screen. And you will be the winner if there are no bubbles remaining on the playing field. With each destroyed bubble, you will earn 10 points and the more bubbles destroyed in one shot, the more points you can earn.

There is no time limitation in this game but if you aim and shoot wrong too many time, the balls will reach the bottom line faster. In detail, each time you use bubbles, the bubbles at the top of the game screen will fall down. And when a bubble hits the bottom line, you lose and the game ends. The game supports you to aim better with an arrow, so, you can take advantage of it. The bubble at the bottom of the game screen (under the arrow) is the one you will shoot. The color bubble in the bottom left is the bubble of the next turn. In general, you can see the color of the bubble you shoot now and in the next turn. Based on these features, you can plan the aim position of the bubble to destroy as many bubbles as you can.

The attractive point of Bubble Shooter makes it become so addictive

It can say that Bubble Shooter is an addictive classic game of all time. Of course, a classic doesn't become a classic for an arbitrary reason. And there isn't any accident making Bubble Shooter become a classic game. All of its success is based on its simple but challenging gameplay. In fact, it is very easy to play Bubble Shooter. However, to win this game, the player needs to have a wise strategy and think independently according to the actual display screen. Moreover, even when you play this game a thousand times, you can't find two games alike. This means you can challenge yourself to get a higher score in the next time, or try to get the highest score and challenge your friend to beat it.

In general, you will never feel bored with this game because you can find out hundreds of ways to enjoy it. This is also the reason why Bubble Shooter is considered as one of the most addictive video games of all time.

How to Play:

  • Use the mouse to move the arrow and aim the right position.
  • Left click to shoot.

Tips and Tricks:

  • The Bubble Shooter game has no time limit.
  • To the right of the game screen is your current point.
  • Pay attention to the color of your bubbles in the next turns.
  • Aim carefully before shooting to make sure that the bubble will be in the right place that you want.
  • After five turns of shooting bubble that can’t help you destroy any bubbles, the bubbles at the top line will fall down one line and make the game become more challenge.
  • Shoot the bubbles that are closer to the bottom line is more priority because when they touch this line, the game will end.
  • Shoot the bubbles at the special position will help you earn more points and destroy more balls. These bubbles are the ones that separate the other bubbles from the large ones. When shooting in this position, you can cut off and destroy an entire section of bubbles (even the color of bubbles is different from the string you aimed for). This tip also called as causing avalanches.
  • Try to remove a color entirely. In fact, when a certain color is removed from Bubble Shooter, it will not occur again. So, why don't you try to remove a color entirely! This action can make this game become easier because less color has the same meaning as less complex, right?

Bubble Shooter Unblocked Game:

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is bubble shooter a free game?

Yes, it is. Bubble Shooter is free to play on bubbleshooterfreegame.com. You can play and enjoy this game here without paying any charge.

How to win?

In order to win Bubble Shooter, you must destroy all the bubbles on the game screen. In order to do that, let's refer to the Bubble Shooter tips and tricks above. They are very useful and can help you a lot.

How many levels?

In this version of Bubble Shooter, it isn't divided into different levels. When you join the game, there is only one board full of colorful bubbles and your main mission is to destroy all of them. However, surely you never feel bored with this game because you can play it a thousand times and not even two games are alike. This mean, each time you play this game, it is a new challenge and you are forced to adjust your strategy to win the game.

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